Ideal Protein Diet Cost and Types of Items You Need to Buy

One thing you have to prepare if you want to do an ideal protein diet program is the ingredients. You have to buy any kind of ingredients which have a relation with the ideal protein diet. Let’s talk a little bit about the ingredients you need to prepare as well as the ideal protein diet cost you have to spend.

About Ideal Protein Diet Program

Before talking about the ideal protein diet cost, it is also important to get a better understanding of the ideal protein program. You must know what to do and the type of daily foods you have to eat. Ideal protein diet consists of four different phase.

The first phase is the program used to lose weight for the entire time. In this phase, you can lose weight for about 3 to 5 pounds a week if you are a man. A woman is able to lose weight around 2 to 3 pounds per week in the first phase.

The foods you have to consume in this phase is including two cups of vegetables at lunch and dinner. You have to limit sugar and caffeine although you are drinking a small cup of coffee in the morning. Just replace the coffee with fresh water.

In the second phase, you have to eat enough lean protein for lunch. You have to do it for two weeks. Then, continue the program until the third phase in which you have to eat low-glycemic fruits and whole grain carbs at breakfast.

You also need to do the phase 3 for 2 weeks. The function of this phase is to control your insulin level. The fourth phase is the important phase since you are allowed to eat just like a normal diet. The most important in this phase is balancing the meals.

It becomes a serious problem because some of the people failed to control their eating habit and back to the unhealthy eating habit. So, what does the relationship between the ideal protein diet with the ideal protein diet cost? The type of foods you choose will determine the ideal protein diet cost per week.

The Ideal Protein Diet Cost per Week

Now, you know what to do while doing the ideal protein diet program. The next thing to understand is the ideal protein diet cost you have to spend per week. The cost is various for each phase. For example, you have to spend around $399 for the first phase.

The ideal protein ideal cost for the first phase is including the fee for a consultation, full body composition analysis, full body measurements, ideal protein meals, and supplements. Approximately, you have to spend around $100 per week to support the ideal protein diet program, especially for the healthy meals.

It seems that the ideal protein diet cost is very expensive even in the first phase. You don’t need to worry because the next phase is cheaper due to the time and the foods option. You have to do the phase 2 and phase 3 in two weeks only and it costs around $80 per week.

The cost is mostly used to buy the ideal protein foods per day in the form of two packs. In phase 3, you will spend a cheaper cost than the phase 1 and phase 2 because you only need to eat the ideal protein foods for 1 pack only.

In the phase 4, you can decide the cost based on the ingredients you choose. In this case, you have to spend around $5 to $5.50 per meal. The ideal protein diet cost is increased for weekly protein and vegetables.

In specific, you have to spend $40 to $60 more per week. You have to consume some ideal protein diet supplement to boost the result. To accommodate this need, just spend $90 to $120 per month for the monthly ideal protein diet supplements.

Types of Foods You Have to Buy

Just any kind of diet, the ideal protein diet cost is also determined by the type of ingredients you choose. There are several types of foods you have to prepare before starting the ideal protein diet program.

First, you have to prepare the ideal protein foods such as you have to eat it 3 packs in phase 1, 2 packs in phase 2, and 1 pack in phase 3. Second, you have to buy some high protein vegetables such as lettuce.

Third, don’t forget to prepare the whole protein food because you need to consume it in all phases. So basically, the ideal protein diet cost is inexpensive and affordable enough to achieve, especially if you see the result after doing the program.

Actually, the program is becoming easier in phase 4 because you can eat all your favorite foods as long as they are classified as healthy food. For an illustration, you can enjoy a cup of espresso and an ideal protein drink, pancake, and egg for breakfast.

Then, you can continue the program by eating cucumber salad and 1 pack of the ideal protein selected veggies for lunch. A good news for the snackers because you are able to eat a snack in the mid-afternoon such as drinking a cup of tea or water along with a healthy snack.

Just eat a plate of roasted chicken and broccoli for dinner plus the ideal protein drink and veggies. A night snacking is also allowed in ideal protein diet program. You may go with a cup to hot chocolate of the ideal protein drink.

The ideal protein diet cost will be cheaper and it keeps you control your shopping habit. It keeps you buy the ingredients you need most instead of buying the unhealthy foods or random ingredients.

Just imagine how much money you have to spend if you are suffered from degenerative diseases including diabetes, cancer, tumor, high blood pressure, stroke, high cholesterol, and many more.

Indeed, the medical treatment will be more expensive than the ideal protein diet cost explained above. When you are successfully following the program and see the result, the ideal protein diet cost looks cheaper and you want to do it as your daily healthy habit.


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