Healthy Body Healthy Mind: The Importance of Mind Fitness

Healthy body healthy mind also means that you need to pay attention to your mental fitness while taking care of your physical fitness all the time, for a good reason. It is true that a healthy body would help to prevent many dangerous conditions such as diabetes and heart issues as well as maintaining your independence as you grow older.


Mind fitness, on the other hand, is as important as physical fitness and you should not neglect this thing in order to maintain a healthy body healthy mind. In order to get the benefits of a sharper mind and a better condition of the body in years to come, you need to include some exercises that work with mental dexterities in your daily routines.

The term mind fitness refers to some exercises that could help you to slow down, boost a flagging memory, and decompress.

The Connection of Mind and Body

The healthy body healthy mind is basically closely related considering you will help your mind if you can help your body properly. The presence of physical activities will increase the oxygen flow to your brain.

On the other hand, it also increases the endorphin amounts to your brain so your whole body feels good. According to this description, it is no wonder if people with great physical shape tend to enjoy a better level of mental agility.

According to research, engaging in a vigorous physical exercise would help to battle depression yet gaining a more positive sight of life. It is also a great way to fight which, in fact, could harm you both mentally and physically.

It is important to acknowledge that mental exercises are just as beneficial. According to research, certain exercises of memory training could increase fluid intelligence or the ability to reason and solve many problems

As we have agreed, exercises are food for the body and brain, meditation also does the same. Meditation is an alternative way to overcome depression as long as you combine it with other methods. Making the mind gets calm allows you to solve the problems in a more tranquil way.

Benefits of Mind Fitness

You may notice that your body gets very relaxed once you go to bed after a long day. However, your mind might not always follow.

Some experts said that visualization may help in this case. You can reach the sense of peacefulness by incorporating imagery through picturing a tranquil location or scene process. This method can reduce the tension both in your mind and body by putting neurons on challenges in the less-dominant part of your brain.

That less-dominant part of your brain is the area that manages your self-confidence and optimism feelings. When you think about things out of your daily worries, you already increase the neutral structure activities in that part of your brain. On the other hand, visualization might help to boost the well-being of your emotional state and calm you down mentally to reach a healthy body healthy mind.

How to Become Mentally Fit

I will be honest that keeping your mind mentally fit is not going to be as hard as getting prepared for a marathon. However, it might be a good analogy. Since you need to add mental exercises to your daily activities, you can perform something like:

•        Reading;

•        Daydreaming;

•        Making senses of humor from life.

Those approaches above would help you to increase your mental fitness. Other than that, there are several aspects you need to keep in mind and I will explain those aspects below.

#1 No multitasking

People tend to think that multitasking could help you to get more works done at one time. However, it is not going to solve problems and even create new problems.

Focusing on one task at one time will help to improve your concentrations. On the other hand, it also helps you to be more productive.

#2 Be positive

Keep in mind that positive affirmation is one sign of increased mental proficiency. Affirmation or talking positively to yourself will involve the work of strengthening neural pathways to bring the self-confidence, satisfaction, and well-being to a higher level in you.

You can start by making a list of your good qualities. You do not have to be perfect and remind yourself about that over and over. Put goals for what you want to improve and you may start small because starting big would turn it to be overwhelming or you will never take that step at all.

#3 Try different things

Sometimes you need to try new things in order to reach the highest state of peacefulness. And according to studies, new experiences would set you on the path to mindfulness. You can get the most suitable approaches into your life on a daily basis in various ways such as:

•        Trying new foods;

•        Trying different ways to complete routine tasks;

•        Travel to new places;

•        Taking new routes to places.

Based on research from the Alzheimer’s Association, keeping your brain in its active state will help to increase the vitality of the brain. Trying new things in new ways turns out helping your brain cells to retain and connect. It may even help to produce new cells in your brain.

Essentially, breaking out the routines you have always done will help your brain to stay on its healthy state.

#4 Play games

Games that challenge reasoning and other brain portions are fund ways to keep your mind in its sharpest state. You may try crossword puzzles, Sudoku, or board games.

Games, in fact, are a great way to maintain your brain muscle. Even video games with fast-paced and action genre would boost your ability to learn new things, based on a study from the Current Biology journal.

This study found some tentative evidence that video games may help to increase your reaction time, task-switching ability, and attention span. Other than video games, you can try anything that involves logic, reasoning, and trivia.

If your physical and mental health could stay at the same frequency, it will award you with a healthy body healthy mind after all.


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