Chris Pratt Weight Loss Diet Program You Must Know before Doing It

People are curious about the secret of Chris Pratt weight loss diet. This is because Chris Pratt is successfully lost his weight up to 80 pounds. Pratt is not only losing his weight but he also successfully bulking and shaping his body. So, what is the secret of Chris Pratt weight loss diet?

Low Carb Paleo Chris Pratt Weight Loss Diet

Chris Pratt is able to lose his weight because of a low carb paleo diet. The idea of this diet is using healthy foods to be the best medical treatment for your body. The low carb paleo diet has several health benefits.

By taking the diet, you are able to balance your blood sugar level even for people with diabetes type 2. Without a proper treatment diabetes type 2 triggers various health problems including obesity, poor digestion, and low energy level.

The low carb paleo diet helps to control and balance blood sugar level and stabilize the metabolism. In Chris Pratt weight loss diet, the key is controlling the carbohydrate level he eats every day. The level of carbohydrate consumed is various depending on the daily activity of the dieters.

After a few weeks, Pratt feels that he has more energy and sleep better than before. Indeed, it is the result of balancing the carbohydrate level in the body. Moreover, the low carb paleo Chris Pratt weight loss diet is also used to reduce the level of inflammation.

In this case, the diet plan is reducing specific ingredients such as grain, dairy, and legumes. Chris Pratt substitutes those ingredients with a healthier option such as berries, green, bell pepper, broccoli, asparagus, and colorful plant foods.

To balance the diet, Pratt has to consume specific ingredients with Omega 3 such as salmon, eggs, olive oil, and avocado. The specific menu you can choose to follow Chris Pratt weight loss diet is including omelet, ratatouille, lamb roast with veggies and mushroom.

Furthermore, Chris Pratt weight loss diet program is also including a high protein diet in which he has to eat some high protein ingredients such as steak, fish, chicken breast, and whole eggs. The diet program is also focused on the healthy fat foods such as avocado, nuts, coconut oil, and grass-fed butter.

The most important thing you need to notice in Chris Pratt weight loss diet program is that you can still eat delicious foods even in your diet. The difference is that you are eating the delicious and healthy foods at the same time.   

CrossFit Workout

Besides taking a low carb paleo diet, Chris Pratt is also taking a specific exercise known as the CrossFit workout. The workout is also effectively burning his fat and calories as well as bulking his muscles.

The CrossFit workout key is following the tight workout plan to achieve the goals. In the case of Chris Pratt weight loss diet, he was focused on the bodybuilding workouts. Pratt did the workout in the first two months of his diet program.

The program is not done yet because he has to do two different types of workout. In this case, Pratt has to take the bodybuilding workouts and conditioning workouts. He has to do it for two months. The last part of CrossFit workout is focusing on the conditioning workout only.

In this session, you have to do some workouts such as mountain biking, swimming, and any kind of cardio workouts. Pratt has to do the conditioning workouts for one month. It means, he has to spend 5 months to do a tight workout to reduce his weight by 80 pounds.

Tight Workouts

The CrossFit workout is not the only workout done by Chris Pratt. Actually, he has done several workouts to shape their body and play in the Guardian of the Galaxy movie. If you want to follow the workout in the Chris Pratt weight loss diet, you have to do around 8 different workouts.

First, you have to take the warmup exercises such as treadmill, pullup, pushup, and squad. Second, you have to continue the program by taking the back workouts. The workouts are including the lat pulldown, dumbbell rows, barbell curls, and DB concentration curls.

Third, Pratt has to build his chest muscles and it involves several chest workouts such as bench press, incline bench press, hammer strength bench press, weighted dips, and standing cable flyes. Fourth, the exercise in the Chris Pratt weight loss diet is not done yet because you also have to do several leg exercises.

Those exercises are including squats, deadlifts, leg presses, walking lunge, leg extension, leg curls, and standing calf raise. Fifth, continue the exercise by doing the shoulder workouts and arm workouts.

In the shoulder workouts, you have to do standing press, Arnold press, barbell shrugs, lateral raise, front raise, and rear delt flyes. In the arm workouts, you have to do some specific treatments including skull crushers, preacher curls, French curls, hammer curls, triceps rope press down, wrist curls, and reserve wrist curls.

The sixth exercise you have to follow in the Chris Pratt weight loss diet is abs workouts. The workout is including hanging leg raises, side plank, and toes to bar. The seventh workout is the Tabata workouts.

The workout is including a mountain climber, pushup, jumping lunge, high box jump, battle rope exercise, ball slam, burpee, and leg lifts.Just imagine how hard Chris Pratt does the tight workouts but the result is worth it.

Now, he can enjoy his ideal weight. It makes his body shape more attracting and interesting to see. It seems that Chris Pratt is the real superhero with such kind of cool body shape, isn’t it? How about you?

Do you want to have an ideal body shape just like Chris Pratt? If it is so, try to follow the Chris Pratt weight loss diet program above and focus on the way you eat and the workouts. The key is following the program completely and perfectly.

It will be better if you have a personal trainer to show the best diet foods and exercises you must take for better and faster result including controlling the program if you want to follow Chris Pratt weight loss diet.          


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