7 Easy Healthy Lifestyle Tips for College Students

Being a college student is one of the best experiences of my life. Well, talking about how I go out from my parents’ house for the first time, it was because I decided to enter the university.

Despite all the great experiences, there must be troubles also. One of them is in term of keeping my body health in the middle of hectic schedules, tiring activities, and of course, limited money.

The healthy lifestyle is indeed needed by all the college students. Indeed, I might not apply all of them during my college time. But if you have more chances to do them, it is much better for sure. So, what are the healthy lifestyle tips particularly if you are still a college student? Check them out.

Healthy Lifestyle Tips for College Students – Breakfast
When you are still at home, your mom may prepare anything before you go to school including the breakfast. Now, even if you are far from your mom, it doesn’t mean that this habit must be left behind. Make sure to always have breakfast before starti…

Healthy Body Healthy Mind: The Importance of Mind Fitness

Healthy body healthy mind also means that you need to pay attention to your mental fitness while taking care of your physical fitness all the time, for a good reason. It is true that a healthy body would help to prevent many dangerous conditions such as diabetes and heart issues as well as maintaining your independence as you grow older.


Mind fitness, on the other hand, is as important as physical fitness and you should not neglect this thing in order to maintain a healthy body healthy mind. In order to get the benefits of a sharper mind and a better condition of the body in years to come, you need to include some exercises that work with mental dexterities in your daily routines.

The term mind fitness refers to some exercises that could help you to slow down, boost a flagging memory, and decompress.

The Connection of Mind and Body

The healthy body healthy mind is basically closely related considering you will help your mind if you can help your body properly. The presence o…

Healthy Chinese Food Options to Keep You Stay Healthy

Chinese food is very popular for its rich natural ingredients and spices. However, with the current adopted lifestyle in which more people prefer to have instant food, healthier menu is left. For you who love healthy meals, here are healthy Chinese food options that you can either order at an oriental restaurant or cook at home.

#1. Chicken Breast with String Bean
Chicken is one of the most popular ingredients in Chinese menu. This Chicken Breast with String Bean is not only delicious but absolutely healthy. It contains about 4 grams of fiber along with sodium that is less than 600 mg. The beans used to complement the chicken breast is a rich source of iron, vitamin A, and vitamin C. Meanwhile, the ginger which is used to make the sauce will also be very beneficial for your health. The ingredient can serve as anti-inflammatory and make your body feel warmer. For every portion of the dish, there will be only 190 calories contained.

#2. Steamed Shrimp with Sriracha Sauce
One of the hea…

Ideal Protein Diet Cost and Types of Items You Need to Buy

One thing you have to prepare if you want to do an ideal protein diet program is the ingredients. You have to buy any kind of ingredients which have a relation with the ideal protein diet. Let’s talk a little bit about the ingredients you need to prepare as well as the ideal protein diet cost you have to spend.

About Ideal Protein Diet Program
Before talking about the ideal protein diet cost, it is also important to get a better understanding of the ideal protein program. You must know what to do and the type of daily foods you have to eat. Ideal protein diet consists of four different phase.

The first phase is the program used to lose weight for the entire time. In this phase, you can lose weight for about 3 to 5 pounds a week if you are a man. A woman is able to lose weight around 2 to 3 pounds per week in the first phase.

The foods you have to consume in this phase is including two cups of vegetables at lunch and dinner. You have to limit sugar and caffeine although you are drinki…

Chris Pratt Weight Loss Diet Program You Must Know before Doing It

People are curious about the secret of Chris Pratt weight loss diet. This is because Chris Pratt is successfully lost his weight up to 80 pounds. Pratt is not only losing his weight but he also successfully bulking and shaping his body. So, what is the secret of Chris Pratt weight loss diet?

Low Carb Paleo Chris Pratt Weight Loss Diet
Chris Pratt is able to lose his weight because of a low carb paleo diet. The idea of this diet is using healthy foods to be the best medical treatment for your body. The low carb paleo diet has several health benefits.

By taking the diet, you are able to balance your blood sugar level even for people with diabetes type 2. Without a proper treatment diabetes type 2 triggers various health problems including obesity, poor digestion, and low energy level.

The low carb paleo diet helps to control and balance blood sugar level and stabilize the metabolism. In Chris Pratt weight loss diet, the key is controlling the carbohydrate level he eats every day. The l…

The Healthcare Benefits Guide for You

Everyone wants to have a healthy body. However, you can’t just depend on a healthy lifestyle in order to get that kind of condition. You also must have health care protection that will give you a lot of healthcare benefits.

We don’t talk about the act to treat and keep your body healthy here. Healthcare here is one of the important insurance. You don’t need to worry anymore about medical treatment whenever you have a health problem because the healthcare benefits will help you to get the treatment that you need.

With so many great things you can get from this service, what kind of healthcare benefits actually can you get? For you who want to know more, we have what you need in this article. Below, you can find the explanation about the healthcare benefits that will become your great reference.

The Healthcare Benefits for Employee
The healthcare protection has an important role in today’s business world. A company must have the protection or insurance for their employee, in order to g…

Cheapest Healthy Foods to Buy for Less Than $2

Most people find living healthy on budget quite hard. Well, perhaps, they haven’t known the right way to keep the healthy foods affordable. For instance, by purchasing the cheapest healthy foods available at the groceries or local stores. This way of living is a way toward better and healthier life that everyone is talking about.

One thing for sure, cut your budget for buying meals at the restaurants. It doesn’t matter how tempting the organic or healthy meal that the nearest restaurant offers, cooking your own meal is always a cheaper option. It saves you hundreds of dollars every month and you can use the money to pay the bills. Sounds like a perfect plan, right?

Check out the list of the cheapest healthy foods available at the nearest stores that you may have missed. Purchase them and absorb the generous amount of nutrients.

Cheapest Healthy Foods in Grains and Legumes Categories
We all know how healthy grains and legumes are. For people living in Asia, grains are in everyday meal…

Healthy Desserts to Buy and Make in Minutes for Healthier Life

Living your healthy life to the fullest doesn’t mean you have to experience all the sufferings like saying no to the delicious sweets and desserts. Why? Because there are actually so many healthy desserts to buy you can eat in daily basis. Yes, even living your everyday life with these tasty desserts doesn’t do any harm.

These guilt free desserts are in fact become essential parts of a good diet program. By completely getting rid of your favorite and tasty food items can actually end up with failure. So, the right thing to do for effective long-term diet is to reduce the amount of calorie and sugar consumed everyday not cutting off all of them.

This time, our team has collected several best and most recommended healthy desserts to buy that include ready to buy and ready to make desserts. If you feel like not having enough time to make desserts on your own, simply purchase it. But, weekend will be great time for you to try new recipes of healthy desserts.

Ready to Buy Desserts at Groc…